Dr. Mowinckel's


In short

I am a cognitive neuroscientist based in Oslo, Norway, and works at the Center for Lifespan Changes in Brain and Cognition. I’m passionate about cognitive neuroscience, using R and teaching the world the wonders of R. Doing all I can to improve gender diversity in the R-community though RLadies-Oslo.


Start End Place Degree Field Thesis Grade
2017 2017 University of Oslo PhD Cognitive Neuroscience Neurocognitive Processes of Decision-making in Adults with ADHD
2009 2011 University of Oslo MPhil Cognitive Neuroscience Default Mode Resting-State Functional Connectivity of the Aging Brain B
2005 2009 University of Oslo BA Psychology Attention Deficits in Mild Cognitive Impairment and Dementia of the Alzheimer Type A


Start End Place Position Responsibilities
2018 Current University of Oslo, LCBC Staff researcher Data-management in LCBC and the Lifebran EU-project
2016 2018 University of Oslo, LCBC Researcher/Project manager Co-ordinating data collection, data-management, and research collaborations. Running analyses and data preperations
2012 2016 University of Oslo PhD fellow Project on decision-making in adults with ADHD and the effects of methylphenidate on this process.
2015 University of Southampton Visiting research fellow Developmental Brain Behaviour Lab under Prof. Edmund Sonuga-Barke.
2011 2012 Tor Endestad, University of Oslo Research assistant and lab-technician Work with functional MRI-analysis, supervising students, and transitioning lab from windows to a linux operating system.
2011 2012 Guido Biele, University of Oslo. Research assistant Scripting of experiments, testing of participants and work on application for grants and ethical approval.
2010 Thomas Espeseth, University of Oslo. Research assistant Coordinating data-collection at Oslo University hospital between research assistants, participants, and hospital employees.
2009 European Congress of Psychology, Oslo, Norway. Lecture room assistant volunteer work.


Start End Place Commission Description
2016 2017 University of Oslo University Ethics work group Member of group canvasing routines regarding research ethics.
2017 2018 University of Oslo PhD program work group Member of group proposing changes to the PhD-program.
2017 University of Oslo, Faculty of Social Sciences Faculty Board Member Elected member.
2014 2015 University of Oslo, Dept. of Psychology Department Board Member Elected member.
2013 2015 University of Oslo, Dept. of Psychology PsyDoc - Interest organization for PhDs and PostDocs Co-Founder and elected Chair.
2009 2011 University of Oslo, Dept. of Psychology Student Council Representative for Cognitive Neuroscience Master.

Publications & Citations

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