Talks: The ggseg-suite of R-packages

This is a lit of talks I have had for the ggseg-suite of package developed by myself and my co-worker Didac Vidal-PiƱeiro.

The packages create the possibility of visualizing brain atlas data directly in 2d fully inflated brains or brain slices through ggplot2, and as 3d mesh plots through plotly. They are intended to create easier workflows for researchers working in R and neuroimaging, reducing the need to switch between software too often.

27.11.2020 - Keynote - NORMENT Early Researchers Meeting
10.11.2020 - Plenary talk - NHS-R Conference

ggseg: ggplot2 extension

ggseg3d: 3d mesh-plots in plotly

ggsegExtra: atlas creationg and extra atlases