Workshop: Tidyverse Quick Introduction

This is a 4 hour workshop on working with the tidyverse packages in R. The workshop is intended to be interactive, was initially developed to be run as a webinar, and can be expanded to single or two whole day workshop.

R has become a popular tool for doing statistical analysis. However, the sheer number of different packages for data preparation and analysis makes R code heterogeneous, hard to read, and error-prone. A collection of packages in R have considerably improved the experience of working with datasets in R. The Tidyverse meta-package for R provides a set of tools that work well together, with particular emphasis of streamlining data wrangling (i.e. altering the shape of matrix data, adding or removing variables etc.) in a manner that syntactically mimics natural language. The intention of the TIdyverse is to make it easier to both write and read code in a natural way with a unified interface. This course is intended both for R beginners as well as intermediate R users who know base-R well but wish to learn more about the Tidyverse way of working with data. At the end of the workshop you will have a grasp of the Tidyverse way of working with data, and have learned new ways of efficiently working with data in R.

This workshop is a combination of presentation, live coding, and exercises.