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I am a cognitive neuroscientist based in Oslo, Norway, who works at the Center for Lifespan Changes in Brain and Cognition. I am passionate about cognitive neuroscience, teaching people the benefits of using R, and equalizing gender diversity in the R-community (and in data science) through RLadies-Oslo.

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Christmas tree in ggplot

Dec 13, 2018
It’s Christmas! And I love Christmas! Pretty snow, cozy fires, fairy lights, family, friends and love. It’s just filled with all times of lovely things. That also means… PLOTS! You might know from my previous posts that I love plotting. A bit too much, but it truly is a lovely thing to create a great plot. So, a while ago, the amazing RLadies network showed me this cool thing a stats professor does each Christmas at the end of his visualisation lecture, I knew I had to do it! ...Read More


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